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Zili Effect

Deconstruction, Analysis and Research

*fighting over an imaginary Y/N*

Technically, as I’m sure you know by now, I’m a hard-core ARMY. I mean what is the problem with these Kim Brothers? Taejin fight over an imaginary girl who’s actually a camera! Heh, that was actually a mini drama that they did 😂 and then there’s the taejin fight in Burn The Stage, I felt especially bad for seokjinnie in that fight. Who said it was easy to be the oldest? And then there’s this one thing I can’t get over, an it’s the fact that it highlight reel, Seokjin didn’t take that girl to the hospital when she was literally BLEEDING TO DEATH. I seriously do not know how to describe Kim Seokjin.

All blue.

Technically, my favourite color is black, but the theme of this blog is blue. It’s not going to make you sad though.

fun fact: I’ve read every book series about 5 times.


Game Master.

Fight like Jackson. Love like Potter. Jump like Katniss.

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